„More recent estimates suggest that the world's knowledge doubles every five to twelve years, and that rate is accelerating."1 We have accumulated more and more knowledge in the last few decades, but we have not gotten any wiser. The knowledge we are talking about here relates to the objective world. It is not about the person who gains this knowledge. From the wise we learn that knowledge is structured in consciousness. Hence, we need to expand our consciousness in order to deepen our knowledge. We only experience the basic knowledge of life through a more extensive consciousness.

Consciousness is fundamental to life. it is the prime mover of life. Every word that we speak, and every act that we perform is an impulse of consciousness. All life emerges from and is sustained in consciousness. The whole universe is the expression of consciousness. The reality of the universe is one unbounded ocean of consciousness in motion.“2

We can cloud and considerably restrict our consciousness or our intelligence through unsuitable sensory experience, or we can contribute to a clarity and expansion of consciousness, which significantly increases the quality of life on all levels of human existence (physiological, psychological, sociological and ecological). A number of scientific studies sufficiently confirm this.

Think of consciousness as the screen in a movie theater. A film is playing on this screen. When we watch a movie for a while, we just stare, fascinated, at the same screen. This just takes on different colors and contents all the time. The canvas itself, as it is, does not change, but neither does it show itself to us. It is the same with our consciousness. The delusions of this world, our thoughts and feelings, fall on the canvas of our consciousness. When we experience the world, when we reflect, when we lead our life, we only ever experience our consciousness in different qualities, the qualities of our diverse experiences. It is always just the same consciousness - constantly in a different dress. We are this awareness, because without this awareness we do not exist. The only fateful thing is that we don't know. We experience our consciousness as vaguely as we see the canvas in the Kono - at least not as it is. We only ever experience the essence of our existence through a filter. Our whole life nobody has taught us to experience ourselves - unadulterated and clearly and without outside influence. So we don't know ourselves, we don't know our nature, always only what this nature disguises itself as. Who are we? Can we answer this question as long as we have not experienced ourselves as we really are?

The techniques of yoga send us on a journey to ourselves, to the unity of consciousness - an awareness only with ourselves in silence - without content, without form, without smell, without sound. Meditation opens up the infinite expanse of our own consciousness.

SUCCESS AND CONSCIOUSNESS: THE MISSING LINK3 "Consciousness in business sounds lofty. How practical is it? The answer is „very“. There’s a fundamental way in which consciousness contribute to worldly success – and it has long been ignored. As experts often note, the game of business is to influence the external world. But here is the point: How can you control your environment if you can’t even manage your own thoughts and emotions? In other words, how do you rule the world without first mastering yourself?“

Conscious human resources have the power to change the world by restructuring human hardware through a higher state of consciousness.

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