When water starts boiling, it undergoes a phase transition from a liquid to a gas phase.

When people have drifted away from naturalness, individuals, organizations and society have to go through changes.

But nature has been created a momentum that is so powerful. The advice from the wise: It will depend on the tipping point of the quality of the people...on the quality of their consciousness. Raise human consciousness and the phase transition will be gentle. The world will have to be a better world.

Researchers are realizing the intimate link between the quality of consciousness and the quality of human life.

„All managers have to make their people productive – but all managers would also like to make their people happy and content. Every employee has to be successful – but every employee would also like to be personally fulfilled. These goals can seem opposed, but research and case studies show that upgrading the human hardware brings progress on all these fronts at once. Increased productivity comes from improved human beings.“1 The most important thing, however, is that it will lift our humanity, appreciation and empathy into another dimension. The individual benefits do translate into bottom-line benefits for the organization. Such a breakthrough will force the organization to innovate, will rethink and improve strategies and processes.

Success and consciousness. How practical is it? The answer is „very“.

1Gerald Swanson, Robert Oates: Enlightened Management